"The Online Nation Simulation Game"

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Natsimga is an online game that simulates a country. The country is named Natsimga (NATion SIMulation GAme). Players in the game are simple known as citizens. They country has an active economic, political, and social scene. While it is not necessary to compete, Natsimga does have a round winner based on who becomes the richest player.

The economy in the game is largely based on citizens buying and selling stock shares. These stock shares belong to fictional companies within the game. In addition to stock trading, citizens also earn money through a mixture of public and private sector jobs.

Citizens may run for public offices in Natsimga. As a result, the country and its laws are largely shaped by elected officials and the citizen who vote for them. The country does maintain a royal family consisting of its founder and other key individuals who help improve the country. The royal family generally does not become involved in making political choices for the country. Instead, they allow the country to be run democratically by its citizens.

Natsimga is ultimately an online community of people who have fun together and who have found a home away from home.