"The Online Nation Simulation Game"

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Apply For Citizenship Today!

As a Citizen of Natsimga You Will Be Able To:

  • Make Life Long Friends With Other Citizens
  • Invest In The National Stock Market & Compete To Be The Richest Citizen
  • Run For Political Office & Take A Role In Changing The Country
  • Join & Create Private Clubs That Compete For Prestige
  • Be The Citizen You Want To Be

Welcome to the Nation of Natsimga. If you are a citizen please sign in to enter the country. Natsimga is an online nation that you can join (free) as a citizen.

The nation includes an economy (powered by the ability to invest in stocks), a political arena (citizens can run for political office), and, of course, a society (public discussion boards, private membership clubs, etc.).

Some citizens choose to compete to become the richest citizen. Some choose to focus on becoming government members. Others choose to just participate in the social life. Join today become the citizen you always wanted to be.